Conference: On The Way

P1000888This conference was hosted at Kincardine Castle on 31st August 2014.

The speakers were:

Nick Cooke – Pilgrimage as a Modern Movement

John Woodside – Saints

Vittoria Hancock – Pilgrimage in Celtic Britain

Anne Harper – The Local Context

John Henderson – Developing a Pilgrimage Trail

Mike Rumbles – Background to Deeside Way (political perspective)

with a final discussion facilitated by David Atkinson


A talk on Pilgrimage as a Modern Movement:


A talk on Saints:


A talk on Pilgrimage in Celtic Britain:


A talk on The Local Context:


A talk on Developing a Pilgrimage Trail:


A talk on the Background to Deeside Way (political perspective):

Here is the Aberdeenshire Core Paths Plan, referred to by Mike Rumbles.


And finally, the video of the Q&A discussion …