Conference: Scientists in Congregations

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4th October 2014, St Ternan’s Scottish Episcopal Church, Banchory.

The conference was the opening event in a programme to explore ways in which recent developments in science can help our understanding of spirituality, faith and scripture.

The programme linked genetics, evolution and the wonder of God’s creation to what can be seen and experienced along the Deeside Way and its environs.

Science and faith are commonly posed as being incompatible but here we looked at things from the perspective of what they can say about each other, which is positive.

Introduction and welcome. Lisa Eunson and David Atkinson Co Directors of the Banchory Scientists in Congregations programme

In the beginning, the events of the big bang and its aftermath Professor Eric Priest University of St Andrews


Discussion led by Dr Brian Brock, University of Aberdeen and Dr Michael Fuller, University of Edinburgh

General Questions and Discussion

Small group discussion of the issues of the morning

What came next, life, evolution genetics and the result? Professor Sam Berry, University College, London

You can follow Prof Berry’s powerpoint presentation in two parts:

Part 1 (careful: very large pdf file!)

Part 2

Discussion led by Dr Donald Bruce, Edinethics and Mrs Patricia Findlay, Albyn School

General Questions and Discussion

Small group discussions of the issues of the afternoon

Final plenary discussion of the issues of the day and of the issues, which have emerged