Album 14th June 2015

This page shows all the photos taken on the 14th June 2015 walk.

It includes the handover of the Eco-Baton.

PICT0353 PICT0348 PICT0344 PICT0337 PICT0332 PICT0329 PICT0326 PICT0323 PICT0321 PICT0316 PICT0311 PICT0307 PICT0306 PICT0304 PICT0300 PICT0299 PICT0297 PICT0291 PICT0288 PICT0286 PICT0285 PICT0282 PICT0281 PICT0279 PICT0278 PICT0275 PICT0271 PICT0265 20150614_161239